BlackBerry AtHoc

BlackBerry AtHoc is trusted by 2000+ organisations globally to unify their crisis communications. It offers a whole new level of protection for your people and gives leaders the information they need to make critical safety decisions.

Real-time visibility into personnel safety 

Account for 100% of your people to achieve operational resiliency. AtHoc Account enables real-time visibility into the safety status of  your personnel for more effective crisis response and assured business continuity

Emergency mass


 AtHoc Alert unifies all communication modalities to alert everyone you care about with a single click. Emergency managers can provide assured rapid communication across the entire enterprise or community.

Collaboration across organisations

 Emergencies, even small ones, do not happen in isolation. AtHoc Connect bridges the communication gap between organisations during these events





AtHoc Collect enables your field personnel to be the eyes and ears of the operations center. See what’s happening at an incident scene, and mobilise rapidly for an effective response.

Industry Focus

BlackBerry AtHoc is uniquely positioned to offer a crisis communication and emergency notification system, tailored to a variety of industry needs.

Federal Government

BlackBerry AtHoc protects 70% of US Federal Government employees. It helps meet specific government requirements and enables communication to bridge entities.

State & Local Government

BlackBerry AtHoc connects state and local agencies and the communities they serve, meeting critical interoperable communication needs when it matters most.


BlackBerry AtHoc transforms healthcare organizations' IP networks into powerful critical communication systems.


BlackBerry AtHoc offers a solution for universities and colleges to keep staff, students, community and property protected during an emergency or outage.