ANJN Group Leaders

We’ve brought together top subject matter experts that have the depth of experience to not only understand the technology, but the end-result for the business – nothing more and nothing less. We pride ourselves in explaining solutions in simple language and educate our customers. Our people who have  years of experience in technology, digital, business, data analytics, architecture,  innovation, advisory, strategy and building solutions that have serviced several industry verticals.  These best-in-breed people boast a reputed history with a proven track record of results. 

Thasan Alosius

Chief Data Scientist


Thasan   has over 25 years of experience in big data, data analytics, machine learning, risk & fraud models in Australia and NZ.  Thasan was Risk Data Lead at Westpac, Fraud Consultant at CBA, Actuarial Analyst at Suncorp & Australian Life Insurance, Senior Consultant at DHS, Senior DW & BI Consultant  at Vodafone, Data Manager for CHRel, Cancer Institute, Senior Information Analyst at Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social Department in NZ

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Gregor Aschoff

Director - Business Development


Gregor, uniquely experienced professional with broad global and Australian business and governance experience.  A significant international career provides in-depth experience of global business, associated with risk issues and mitigation. Gregor was ED at Corum Group & MD at MEDION.

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Thomas Brefo

Chief Financial Officer


Thomas has over fifteen years extensive knowledge and experience in corporate environment ranging from financial accounting managemnt, Taxation, expertise in AASB(IFRS), managing and developing financial planning systems and financial strategies. 

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Anton Royce

Group CEO & Chief Digital Officer


Anton is an entrepreneur and global business leader focused on innovation, strategy and technology. Anton was CTO at Telstra, Consultant at Deloitte, Chief Architect at Telstra across several verticals and built over 1 billion worth of new solutions for Enterprise, Business & Government Customers.

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Niro Royce

Head of EnsurTek Products


Niro is a people person who has  been working on InsureTech product development over 4 years. Niro has worked across several IT Business Transformation and Infrastructure projects in government and corporate sectors. She was a Project Manager at Telstra. She has Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from University of Auckland.

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Rishon Royce

Sales Specialist

Rishon is a NZ Junior Tall Black Basket Ball player.  He thinks outside box and came up with independent innovation ideas for our product development

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John Musich

Chief Information Security Officer

John Musich is a highly capable security professional. John worked as Telstra Health's CISO, Vodafone's CISO, Sydney 2000 Olympics Security Operations Manager, Optus Security Manager, IBM Business Security Manager, Qantas Security Consultant and Deloitte Director Security.

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Senthil Shan

CEO- Dataintics

Senthil has 20 years of experience in leadership, technology, enterprise software development, system architecture and agile methodologies.  Have experience in healthcare, telecommunication and insurance domains.

Senthil has master degree  in IT from Keele University.

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Kevin George

Head of Cloud & Automation

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Kevin has over 8 years experience in   Cloud , Automation & Infrastructure  Experience. Have implemented Automation Solution  for tier 1 customers in Insurance, Finance, Payroll, HR etc. 

Professional Graduate Diploma in IT from British Computer Society

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